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burning plane to rescue passengers and insight in the pilot's past experience, we begin live near sfo as investigators look at a key piece of safety equipment that appears to have failed. christian. >> reporter: ntsb investigators spent the day combing over the wreckage of flight 214 at sfo. one of the areas they are investigating is the slide and the crew to get their account of what happened while it is fresh in their minds. they spent another day going over the wreckage of asiana 214 and released new video of the accident scene. they will be paying close attention to the emergency slides after reports they did not deploy properly in the moments following the crash. >> there have been some interviews with flight attendants and witnesses that slides deployed inside of the aircraft. we need to understand why that
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happened. >> reporter: an ongoing focus is the crew of the aircraft. investigators confirmed again the plane was approaching the run way going 122 miles per hour instead of the recommended 157 miles per hour. investigators want to know why. they spent the day talking with the four person crew. >> with respect to the crew, we are looking at what they were doing and we want to understand why they were doing it. we want to understand what they knew and what they understood. >> reporter: investigators are focusing on why the plane was approaching so slowly and said when it comes to a final approach, responsibility for air speed lies with the flight crew, not air-traffic control. >> the crew is responsible for making a safe approach to the airport. air-traffic control is there to provide separation between aircraft to make sure aircraft don't collide. >> reporter: the ntsb has said they will hold a news conference tomorrow and should have more information about the interviews with the crew members. you can bet that we will be there and bring you the latest
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coverage tomorrow. live at sfo. before the first time we are hearing the dispatch tapes of the first responders rushing to the crash scene. >> attention, attention, all companies and units to the field. red alert struck for the airliner crash at sfo, red alert struck, city and county of san francisco. >> people are trapped in the plane now. people are trapped in the plane. >> we are arriving on scene with multiple units. we have a large plane, well involved in fire. >> emergency crews stationed at sfo, both fire and police, were on the scene of that crash within minutes. >> we are learning more now about the final moments before the asiana flight 214 hit the sea wall and crashed on the run way. investigators say they had just asked to increase air speed and three seconds before impact, the plane was going 119 miles per hour. that is 39 miles an hour slower
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than it should have been going. they called to abort its landing one and a half seconds before impact and hit the sea wall traveling at 122 miles an hour. new at 6:00, investigators are also looking at the experience of the pilot of flight 214. we talked to experienced local pilots about what happened and also explain why many are ruling out cultural differences as a reason for the crash. tom. >> even in this day and age, some people are asking are korean pilots somehow different? >> >> reporter: the pilot in command had 43 hours experience in a 777 but more than 10,000 hours overall. occasionally flying over jumbo jets into san francisco. >> he was an experienced pilot and a prior captain, but working on getting his rating on the 777 and getting initial experience on the 777. >> reporter: next to him,
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another highly experienced veteran. >> everyone at some point is new to an airplane, even if you have 10,000 hours. there still is the time when you are new to an airplane. it happens as a matter of course every day at every airline, and that itself is not than -- inherently an issue. >> reporter: sfo has no terrain approach issues and the weather was perfect. some suggested that pilots are sideline -- culturallyiy disposed to avoid conflict. >> the industry is such a rule governed, protocol governed operation, i cannot imagine a korean or chinese or anybody deviating from the protocol. >> chen says don't forget, the flight attendance took charge
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and their heroic actions saved many lives. a flight attendant on board the asiana jet is being hailed as a hero tonight. lee yoon-hye was the cab inmanager on flight 214. in the first comments by the crew, she says she knew something was wrong moments before impact. after the plane came to a stoop, lee checked with the cockpit to see if the pilots were okay then began evacuation. she was the last to leave, despite a broken tailbone. the fire chief says she was remarkably calm and called her a hero. as the fire began to spread, the pilot gave lee a fire extinguisher to put out the flames and one attendant carried a young boy on her back down the slide. first responders are talking about the scene they found at the crash sit on run way 28 left. david stevenson is more with
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here on the emergency response that some are calling nothing short of incredible. david. >> reporter: frank, police officers here at the airport were among the first responders. they played an important role in rescuing gers saturday. san francisco police a signed to airport operations say they mistook news of the crash for something simple. >> the first thing i thought, it is just a vehicle crash. >> my first thought was, oh, my god. >> these officers sped to the crash site and gave their knives to crew members to cut passengers free from their seat belts. >> a lot of people could not move from their seats. they were scared to move. >> it was so surreal. there was so much chaos going on. it was quiet. >> without any breathing equipment, the officers climbed through the torn off tail section to aid firefighters. inside, they found dazed and injured passengers. >> they were sitting there, and
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looking at me, like help me, but not screaming. they were moaning, in pain. >> while this was going on, we have jet fuel leaking off the plane. >> and black smoke billowing toward the unprotected cops and passengers. >> they started to build up quick towards us. like an ocean wave coming in. >> i could not believe, i saw them in their without protective equipment. my hat goes off to you. >> reporter: hall made it off the plane. officer cunningham says he is not a hero. his boss disagrees. >> he is a hero! >> reporter: cunningham also gathered up two iphone on the plane to help contact worried family members of passengers aboard the flight. live at san francisco international airport, david stevenson. of the nearly 200 people taken to bay area hospitals after the crash, 27 remain hospitalized tonight.
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san francisco general received 62 patients. 17 are still there. 6 remain in critical condition including one child. 55 other injured patients were sent to stanford. 10 are still there and one is in critical condition. the children have been release. we spoke to the coroner today. he expects it will be two to three weeks before he can confirm how the victims died. the 16 year olds are identified as wang linjia. one of them may have survived the initial crash and was killed when hit by an emergency vehicle rushing to the scene. fire officials say the commander and fire chief were made aware of the possibility immediately. >> as you can imagine, it is a dynamic environment dealing with an active aircraft fire and trying to rescue 300 victims. >> reporter: in addition to the
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overall investigation, the fire department is conducting its own internal investigation. the parents of the two girls that died left shanghai, china, today for san francisco. they are among a group of relatives flying in the bay area and expected to arrive at 10:00 tonight. 141 of the 307 people on board that plane were chinese citizens. 34 of them were high school students. and classmates in china are remembering the two young victims killed in saturday's crash. they held a candlelight vigil, writing 7/7, which was the date in china when the disaster struck. they wrote messages to the victims and sent them in the sky. >> reporter: we hope we can send the two who died our wishes and they will be in peace. >> reporter: officials at the school say this was the first time many students on this trip had been outside of china. the two teen girls who were
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killed were headed to a summer camp in southern california. tonight, church officials say the camp is canceled. the girl were headed to west valley christian church in the san fernando valley to stay with host families, leaning english and american culture. members say they are devastated by what happened. >> i feel lost. i feel that there is something that was taken away from us. >> as a mother, i just am so sad. and the children, too. the church plans to hold a prayer vigil on thursday. members are holding a fund- raising campaign to help with the families' expenses. coming up, did critical safety equipment fail after the crash at sfo? the reason the safety slides are under scrutiny. and warming back in the 90s. how long the heat will last in your area before temperatures take another dip.
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and after the break, tense bart negotiations get personal. we reveal the target of workers' frustration and their demands. 97 look at 'em.
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quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. . the bay area toll authority announced the labor day opening day for the new bridge will not open until steel saddles can be installed where problems have been found. they say the failed bolts just cannot be fixed by labor day. >> we are sorry. we are very sorry for this delay. but we have a retrofit that we need to get built and need to get it installed and need to do it right. >> the toll authorities say the repairs are expected to take several months and may not be completed until mid december.
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a special trustee is appointed to oversee city college of san francisco. dr. robert agrella will oversee ccfs as it appeals the decision to revoke its accreditation. he will have independent authority over the budget and programs and the power to negotiate with unionized employees. bart workers staged a protest today at the home of bart general manager grace cruniken. union members gathered late this afternoon outside her gated community. the workers are demanding that she return recent pay raises. each side will meet separately with state mediators over the next few days. both sides are expected to meet together on friday. part of highway 50 is closed tonight because of a
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grass fire. the fire started about 12:50 this afternoon in an area between white hal. at least 50 acres have burned. crews shut off power in some communities. a music camp has been evacuated. the fire may have been started when a vehicle blew a tire. right now, they don't know when the highway will reopen. the board of supervisors will meet tomorrow to discuss the fire protection district's finances following the closure of another fire station. the fire station in pittsburg closed today. the firefighters union says it will have a significant impact on the department's operations, affecting the entire county. we want to update you on the developments in the asiana airlines crash at sfo. the ntsb held a news conference today. it says investigators are interviewing the four pilots that were on board the plane.
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the ntsb also said according to the flight data recorders, the boeing 777 was flying at 34 knots below the target air speed as it approached the runway. of the almost 200 patients taken to bay area hospitals, 17 of them remain hospitalized tonight. and the relatives of the chinese passengers including the two young girls who died are now heading to san francisco. they are due to arrive here at 10:00 tonight. as stories emerge of the first responders, the ntsb has a lot of questions about the emergency doors and the exits on flight 214. >> jade hernandez is live in the studio to explain why authorities are focusing on the evacuation slides. jade. >> reporter: there is some indication from flight attendance and witnesses that the exit chutes did not work properly. the ntsb wants to find out why. >> this is the asiana flight
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214 777 boeing aircraft. one of the slides deployed after crash landing saturday. today, the ntsb chair woman says passengers encountered problems. >> there have been some interviews with flight attendance and witnesses that slides deployed inside the aircraft. we need to understand why that happened. >> reporter: were the slides activated correctly? this is the evacuation slide deploying as it should. united airlines flight attendant explained to us that they undergo stringent emergency training. they have 90 seconds to get hundreds of passengers off a damaged plane, even if the exit is blocked. >> and get them off as fast as possible. that is your objective, to get them off the plane fast as possible. >> reporter: on saturday, san francisco fire chief joanne hayes-white indicated
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firefighters said some exited the plane on their own. >> when we arrived, we observed multiple numbers of people coming down the chutes and walking to their safety. >> i saw all the doors that were open, i saw some of the slides that were still deployed. the first night that i went there, i did see slides on the left side of the airplane that were still inflated and had lights activated. the ntsb says they will not sure if they will know in the slides are operatorring properly. they will have more tomorrow. the coverage continues at that's where you can hear more accounts of emergency responders describing the situation as they arrived at the crash site. and how they cut some passengers out of their seats and carried them to safety. we also have unedited footage of the crash site and more pictures. all at the crash is still causing
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some flight delays and cancellations at sfo. we spoke to the airport duty manager within the past half hour. the airport is currently experiencing 60 to 90 minute delays on a rivals and departures because one of the runways is closed. a total of 100 flights were canceled today. some nearby hotels are offering special rates to sfo passengers. it warmed up a bit today. certainly one of the warm spots, livermore was 92, in morgan hill. 94. highs tomorrow will increase a couple degrees. we'll see mid 90s tomorrow, maybe even upper 90s. here is the fog on the coast. that will play through the week. fogs, nights and mornings. perhaps some fog in your neighborhood and a rapid burnoff, especially inland.
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the forecast is high as tomorrow. 89 in livermore. tomorrow, fairfield, 95. so the warmest day of the week is tomorrow as the high pressure builds in. it sets us up with a warm pattern inland and in the valley, right along the coast, you stay in the 60s because of the fog. the air quality is not bad. fire danger is going to come up because the temperatures will spike. it is not crazy fire danger. not like last week with the hundred degree temperatures in the valleys as you get out in the morgan hill area, towards gilroy, you are looking at mid 90s to get to the delta. you are 96, 97, something like that. the forecast is interesting, some tropical moisture comes in the mix. on tuesday morning, fog. tuesday afternoon, mostly sunny, some patchy fog. wednesday morning, some fog. this is the computer model. there is your subtropical moisture.
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this is the kind of thing that can trigger showers. see the green and yellow there? that is a chance of a thunderstorm as we go into wednesday night, late into thursday, mainly south of san jose and the southern valley. 95 in brentwood. high in san jose 85. 64 in the bay, and 74 in santa cruz. five day forecast, with the bay area weekend in view, they spike up the temperatures on tuesday. wednesday, they trickle down a little, you get some clouds, warm and muggy. more clouds wednesday into thursday, temperatures trend down and on the weekend go back up into the low and mid 90s as you head into sunday. we'll watch the subtropical moisture. fire danger a concern if that gets some energy behind it. you could see a few thunderstorms south of the area. maybe even in monterey county. >> which day? >> wednesday into thursday. >> that is the last thing we
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need. thanks, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv-36. young have survivors meet with the consulate. join us at 7 on tv-36. what colin kaepernick did that created some controversy. and the a's are taking on the by -- pirates.
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. fred is in for mark tonight and talking about the a's. they are playing a rare interleague game. >> against a team they don't play often, the pittsburgh pirates. if you said the pirates would be in first place in july, you are a genius. they are playing in pittsburgh right now. bartolo colon is pitching. coco crisp makes a great catch. the a's lead 2-1 in the bottom of the eighth. the mets are in town tonight for their one and only three
6:26 pm
game series visit this year starting tonight. too bad, this person is not throwing out the first pitch. sin sioux ji, she didn't throw a strike, but you can see that left the ball players a little dumb founded. speaking of dumb founded, colin kaepernick is still learning about stardom and that social media is not your best friend. he was caught wearing a miami dolphins cap at a party. 49er fans didn't like that. kaepernick didn't back down. he used his instagram account and wrote "this the hat y'all mad at? i'm going to wear what i want
6:27 pm
regardless of what you think." when in doubt, say what would joe montana do. that had the be the first pitch i ever saw. >> thanks, fred. >> a demonstration into what may have gone wrong on asiana flight 214. we go on board with a pilot to investigate what might have caused the crash. >> and we are also here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. good night. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub.
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